Let's create together...distantly

Getting your child to do something creative in the day is fantastic! Spending hours looking for projects and gathering supplies isn't. 

The benefits of creating remain more important now than ever and we want to make it easy for you to craft at home. From sewing machines and classes to troop meetings, we have everything to keep your child engaged and creating.

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Virtual Weekly Group Classes

6-week Sessions

Our Fiber Arts and Design & Build Classes are delivered on an online platform, but it's more about engagement and connectedness.

Imagine more of a "crafty get-together" than "instructional school." Your child will have a chance to socialize, play and discover the joys of creating.

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Virtual Private Lessons

Is there a project you've always wanted to make? Or a handwork skill you've always wanted to learn? With our Virtual Private Classes, we'll help make your "maybe one day I'll try..." into a reality. These classes are available for kids and adults. Click below to learn more. 

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Virtual Troop Meetings

Calling all Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts! We'll host a Virtual Troop Meeting for your troop to receive the Mask Making Badge or Virtual Troop Meeting Badge. Click below to learn more.

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Virtual Parties and Group Get-Togethers

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or organize a play-date with friends, host a virtual party or gathering with us! All of the fun, games, and crafts...just distantly. Click below to learn more.

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Creativity Supply Kit

Our Boredom-Busting Creativity Kit includes all of our favorite tools to keep kids busy, crafting and learning. Click below to get yours shipped today.

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