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During their time at THS, campers develop self-assurance through kindness, adversity, and ideation guided by The Handwork Method™.

Campers dive into The Handwork Building Blocks™, a set of flexible blocks of experiential instruction that combine technical Handwork skill building and our 5Cs™ of social-emotional development: Comfort, Commitment, Courage, Capabilities, and Confidence.



From Robotics to Fiber Arts

All 38 of our programs promote The Handwork Method™ of social-emotional development and technical skill building. Your child can benefit no matter their interest!

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The Handwork Curriculum Mission

Not only do THS campers walk away with the tools to explore all facets of their creativity, but also the self-assurance to do so in everything they do!

THS Curriculum mission

The 5C's of the Handwork Studio

Learning the THS Way

  • The Handwork Method™
  • The Handwork Building Blocks™
  • Process over Project
  • Day to Day

The Handwork Curriculum Method™ 

We pride ourselves on our high-quality curriculum, so we'd like to give you an inside scoop into where it all comes from!

Our methods are directly influenced by the Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) of 'self Identity,' integrating into our curriculum the idea that a child can only learn if they believe they can. 

Fostering that belief provides campers with a fulfilling week of learning new skills both inside and out! We're the best of both worlds: A place to learn that's also a summer camp. Because learning should be fun. 

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In addition to learning, friendship, and fun, your child will experience massive personal growth, conquer creative problem-solving skills, and build self-confidence by embracing the emotional journey that comes with learning a new skill. 

From Woodworking to Fiber Arts, Jewelry Making to Comic Creators, our programming is designed to invite creative exploration through The Handwork Building Blocks™:

  • Inspiration Block,
  • Technique Block
  • Exploration Block
  • Main Project Block
  • Reflection Block
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Through our interchangeable Blocks, campers are inspired by examples of real-world Handworkers in their Inspiration blocks to drive their learning in Technique blocks.

Campers explore Handwork techniques in action through Exploration blocks, giving them a chance to experiment with their new skills utilizing the Design Process.

During the Main Project blocks, campers aren't just creating a final project but pulling together all of their inspiration and experimentation into their very own creation!

Reflection blocks are key in re-iterating the journey campers go on each day, and at the end of their week, towards building self-assurance through Handwork. 


Design Process

We encourage 'Life-Long Learning' through Inspiration, Experimentation, and Creation.

Our Handwork Building Blocks™ prepare campers for an organized but adjustable week at camp through self-guided and structured creative exploration, group work, and opportunities for reflection in order to promote Lifelong Learning.

That’s right, socio-emotional literacy in a safe and nurturing environment means your camper is seen for exactly who they are while learning skills that will last a lifetime!

Watch how your camper goes to new heights as they discover a new-found sense of empowerment and a deeper understanding of their creative potential.





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Samantha Marquez (she/her)

Culinary Arts + Design & Build



Valerie Williams (she/her)

Mixed Media + Machine Sewing




Jamie Grace-Duff (she/they)

Machine Sewing + Backstage Productions