The Emotional Journey of Experiential Learning

Learning The Handwork Studio Way


What makes The Handwork Studio a world class provider of experiential learning?

When your child learns how to sew, saw or code for the first time they begin a journey towards mastery.  Each day of the week represents a step in our unique process of helping kids learn by making. Our unique process takes the campers through the phases of Comfort, Commitment, Courage, Capabilities and Confidence. Each day of the week represents a step in our unique process of helping kids learn by making. 

Get Comfortable

New equipment, names and surroundings can make campers nervous. However, it can get in the way of exploration and learning. That’s why our counselors are trained to help campers ease in on their firstrunway - girls - fashion - show day.

During drop off, they’ll play games, tell silly jokes and get to help them feel safe so that they can learn something new.

We make sure every child feels comfortable as fast as possible.

Learn to Commit

Despite the age, program and skill level, campers personalize their projects every week. When campers make a choice they must also learn to commit to learning the skills required to see it through to completion.

Our curriculum is developed around choice, because we feel this is the best way to get them excited. While we outline the project, we give each child the option of how they want to design the creative aspect.

Being able to identify a vision and stick with it is a tremendously valuable skill for handwork, school, or at home.

Be Courageous

The intricate details of handwork are difficult to master.  When learning something new there will always be obstacles to overcome. 

This is the benefit of experiential learning in a nurturing environment. Campers learn to be brave and poised in how they address challenges. They will probably be frustrated by the third day. But our staff are trained to support campers as they learn new skills.  

Whether taking a

break to go outside or a themed-day of camp, our counselors get campers motivated to push through the Wednesday tiredness to continue learning.

Discover Capabilities

Children must realize their capabilities in order to succeed. When they work independently on a project they explore their creativity 

and identify their - learning - woodworking - mainline - pennsylvania

By the fourth day, they’ve created some projects and start to realize “I can do this”. By teaching them a new skill or encouraging them to help another camper, our counselors are trained to help them see what they are capable of.

Our goal is to emphasize the unique talents in each individual camper.

Finished pieces that incorporate various skills allows campers to take ownership and pride in their know-how. 

Master Confidence

Camp is a safe space to make mistakes, learn and grow. The ability to learn the skills and create a project inspire confidence in the campers.

Each camper leaves with a project that is entirely their own creation. Once inspired to create and discover campers are equipped and confident to take on new projects at home. Being able to leave camp with finished projects to show to friends and family makes kids soar with confidence. confident - kids - at - camp - mainline - villanova

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