Engage with Expert Instructors.

Build new skills.

Getting your child excited about learning, growing, and building skills for life is what we’re passionate about, and nothing can change that! 

Handwork at Home is where your child can join other creative makers online. They’ll stretch their imaginations and challenge each other while diving into whatever they’re interested in, from architecture and costumes to engineering and bookbinding

With over 30 programs to choose from, live instruction, thoughtfully packed supply kits, and creative challenges, your child will have the chance to come together with their peers and create amazing things together.

Check out our plans for Fall 2020!

What are parents saying about Handwork at Home?

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After Cyber School, I wasn’t sure what to expect from virtual crafts, but my kids are having a GREAT time.

World Crafts

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The instruction and content has been amazing. My kids actually told me in the middle of camp today, "Thank you so much for signing us up for this!"

Game, Play & Design

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This was the most engaged I've seen my daughter since the pandemic started - she did this constantly on her own and LOVED it...great camp and subject material - thank you!

Code and Create

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My child is literally LOVING this virtual experience! When it’s over at noon, they spend the next 2 hours working on their own creation.

T-Shirt Transformation

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My daughter is busy creating things for a solid 3 hours. She is very happy.

Fabric Surface Design

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They are loving it! It’s a small group of like-minded kids and the activities are engaging.

How to Design a Stage Set

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The instructors were fabulous!! They were warm and friendly and really embraced each child’s strengths!!

Costume Design

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It was almost like Mary Poppins; practically perfect in every way.

Fiber Arts






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