Robotics + Art = Creativity

The Handwork Studio Robotics, Coding & Creativity Studio divides each program into an art-based multidimensional approach to develop a solid foundation for learning STEAM. Each week of camp, campers will dive into investigating the program's theme, learn to code and program their robot. 


Creative Challenges for All Ages

Grades 3–5 will utilize on-screen Blockly coding, and grades K–2 and 3–5 will use color coding.  All campers will craft environments for their robots to interact with using a variety of art mediums.

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Arts-Based Robotics Camp

Engaging the camper’s left and right side of the brain will help them become critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers in embracing art, coding and robotics in one camp. 

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Programs in Robotics, Creativity & Coding Studio...

Your child will learn interactive tools for interactive solutions with camps like To Infinity and Beyond, NASA to Star Wars, Animal Adventures, Animal Science, Bringing Games to Life and Pac-Man to Pokémon: Ideas to Reality

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Handwork Helps...Here's How

Our shy girl is having the best time at camp after day 2 - that’s saying something!!! Parent of Woodworking Camper

Our child is loving it and can't wait to go back each day. They haven’t done a camp in 4 years because of her anxiety - they are absolutely loving it and all the projects and freedom to create. Parent of Sew Tech Camper

She loves these shorter projects and the confidence boost she gets when they're done. I also really like that the instructors allowed her to name something she'd like to create (e.g., a frog hoodie) and now she's working on making it. She's super excited about that. Parent of Machine Sewing Camper

Our son is advanced compared to her fellow campers in this group. His instructor is supportive and flexible, encouraging him to pursue his ideas and more advanced projects. Parent of Woodworking Camper

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