Our Story

Designed by a Parent For Parents

The Handwork Studio was born of one mother’s desire to provide nurturing, creative and pride to her children through handmade creations. At The Handwork Studio, we understand your desire to choose the best programming to fit your schedule that will not only teach your child amazing lifelong skills but will inspire them to be amazing creative humans. We’ve designed our programs to be a resource in not only teaching practical needle arts skills, but to provide role models for your children as they learn about patience, achievement and problem solving. Our project based curriculum will not only teach your child to sew or knit, but will instill in them the practical applications of mathematics, reading and comprehension. We pride ourselves on being a creative and educational outlet for your family. We’d love to have you as our community. You are welcome here!

Laura’s Story


Our story begins in the basement of a church that housed a preschool I was considering for our son Ryan, age 5, and our daughter Devon, age 4. I was scared. I was hating the fact that I had to send them out there into the world. Who would take care of them? How would they be loved during the day? Will they be safe?

However, nestled in the small rooms of the church basement, I saw little ones grinding millet to make muffins, the first graders were knitting in class and the second graders proudly displayed their hand embroidered bags that were hung on hooks across the back of the classroom. I stood there in the doorway and I cried. This, this felt like love. These nurturing, creative activities were what I wanted for my kids. Visions of teachers lovingly guiding them, made me feel safe, that they would be ok, that I would be ok.

Though we were only at this school for two short years, my years of corporate experience started churning the wheels in my head. I imagined that if I loved these kinds of activities and this kind of warmth for my own children, that other mothers must want the same thing too. So after we left the school, I took the best part of it with us, handwork, and I test marketed the idea at my kitchen table. I hired an amazing teacher, invited the neighborhood kids to take handwork classes and our business began. Today our business reflects over a decade of mixing childhood development with the wants and needs of parents and kids.

As a parent, I want our families to feel all those things I felt standing in that school room doorway so many years ago. We hire amazing instructors who are happy spending the day crafting with your kids. We focus on making your children feel good about themselves, feel that they are cared for during classes and camps and that their work matters. Hugs and giggles are part of our daily routine.

Parents Are Talking:

My daughter has been taking classes at the Handwork Studio for over two years. All the teachers have been amazing! She loves to sew and has progressed to machine sewing and making her own clothes at just 8 years old. Everyone at The Handwork Studio is so helpful and approachable. They respond to all our questions right away and make her feel welcome there. We have been so happy there. My 5 year old has just started taking classes there as well and is loving it!

— Ana L.

The Handwork Studio has been the most amazing gift I could give my daughter. The instructors are not only teaching her skills that she can use throughout her entire life, but are instilling confidence and values in her. I'm thrilled that my daughter not only thinks of the staff at The Handwork Studio as teachers, but as role models as well. In today’s world of social media and tween pressures, The Handwork Studio is a breath of fresh air where creativity and learning are encouraged and children/tweens can just be themselves.

 —­ Randi S.