Online Digital Course Producer


Handwork Studio Academy Online, the organization behind the The Handwork Studio, LLC. camps and classes, works globally and year-round to support and advance the teaching of handwork and experiential learning to children through schools, youth organizations and entrepreneurs a in wide array of hands on learning programs.

We seek an Online Digital Course Producer to establish, develop and grow The Handwork Studio’s new platform: Handwork Studio Academy Online.

A member of the In the Online Course Producer will work with the Handwork Studio Academy Online Leadership team to develop and run new courses for youth development teachers and entrepreneurs across various topics including fiber arts, machine sewing, baking, sew tech and other creative disciplines. We are looking for an online producer with experience developing online courses and events, and with experience building and scaling digital education.


  • Create/Produce/Manage Online Digital Courses
    • Work with Leadership team members and advisors to develop new course outlines and content.
    • Hire, train and manage other advisors leading the courses.
    • Oversee all aspects of course creation and readiness, including instructor training.
    • Oversee all live, online sessions, ensuring the quality of each session and moderate session when needed.
    • Ensure that participants have everything they need to be successful including all material required for the courses.
    • Serve as course moderator for live online courses and master classes.
    • Read applications, set up and manage selection process, evaluate requests for scholarships, communicate with applicants about selection status.
    • Work closely with all Handwork Studio team members.
  • Improve and support scaling of online courses:
    • Work with team on suggestions for more scalable ways to run our online courses while maintaining high quality
    • Help to develop repeatable best practices to drive greater scalability of courses
  • Improve and support scaling of online courses:


  • Experience developing online courses
  • Experience in digital curriculum design
  • Experience in growing and scaling online learning programs, webinars, or other similar live online experiences
  • Experience growing and developing online community
  • Knowledge of crafting
  • Experience in moderating and facilitating live, online experiences: courses, webinars, events, etc.

What you will bring to the job:

  • Values: Excitement about promoting THS mission of experiential learning for children. Interest in a culture of trust, care, educations and creativity.
  • Leadership: Outstanding management skills allowing you to build, lead and develop an exceptional team.
  • Communication: A clearly articulated creative vision that effectively promotes our values of: Trust * Care* Educate * Create.

What are the main goals we will expect from you during your start with us:

  • Help develop an outline and plans for Online Courses
  • Recruit and train instructors and advisors.
  • Host and moderate online classes.


  • This position is remote, although an east coast  based candidate is preferable.




  • Demonstrates skills to include but not limited to, knitting, machine sewing, hand sewing & crocheting
  • Must be post highschool or a minimum of 4 years experience working with The Handwork Studio
  • Experience working with children
  • Experience in many of our defined crafting techniques
    • Available to complete approximately 8-10 hours of pre-camp training (generally the month of May)
    • Available to attend one of our Summer Orientation either on June 10th in Rosemont, PA (outside of Philadelphia) OR June 11th in Washington, DC