Counselor in Training Leadership Program

The Handwork Studio takes no greater joy than to see campers grow from curious creative students to passionate driven young adults. Our Counselor in Training Leadership (CIT) program has been designed to teach young adults between the ages of 14-16 the flip side of our programming... teaching!

We look for individuals that possess a spark to inspire the next generation of hand-crafters. This is an opportunity to learn leadership skills, build resume experience, and advance on crafting techniques alongside our professional staff.

Process: Interested applicants should have a pa complete the online registration application found HERE. Once the registration has been submitted, The Handwork Studio will reach out to the prospective applicant to set up an over-the-phone interview.  After a phone interview is complete we will then contact each candidate to let them know their status. Any candidate that is accepted into our CIT program will need to be available for an Orientation that will be specified in the paperwork process.

Goal: Gain leadership skills and camp experience to aid in becoming camp counselors.


  • The role of the CIT is to learn about The Handwork Studio culture while gaining valuable leadership knowledge and skills. This will be an assistant/"learning to lead" role in The Handwork Studio Camp setting. In the camp setting, The Lead Counselor may ask the CIT to participate with any number of job duties; however, CIT's will never be left to manage campers without an adult instructor in the room.
  • Example of CIT Duties  :
    • Helping to prep in the morning for projects
    • Assisting campers with their projects
    • Assist in maintaining organization of camp space
    • Assist in ensuring camper safety and well-being

Overview and Expectations:

  • The Handwork Studio wants this to be a fun, exciting experience while instilling the values of teaching with kindness and patience when working with children
  • The program is designed to prepare participants to become ‘right fit’ counselors with The Handwork Studio in the future. Although, participation and completion of the CIT program does not guarantee or require employment with The Handwork Studio at a later date.
  • While it is a learning experience, CITs will be held to the same expectations regarding professionalism in the workplace at all times.
  • CITs must be at least 14 years of age by June 2020
  • Please note, when submitting the weeks that you can work You must be available Monday-Friday from approximately 8:00am-4:00 pm each day.

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