The Handwork Studio is a nationally recognized organization that centers on handwork education.

We strive to be an inclusive and diverse community committed to creating a holistic environment where all members feel included, respected, and celebrated.

We empower children, families, and communities through experiential learning. We, as the teachers, encourage children during their creative journey to develop a sense of pride by being kind to themselves and others, accepting mistakes, and fearlessly exploring their ideas. Our core values are grounded in trust, care, education, and creativity.

The Handwork Studio knows that it takes many to bring this vision to life.  We are honored you have stopped by to check out what being a part of our team looks likes

Learn About Working With The Handwork Studio

A peek behind the curtain...What does working at the handwork studio look like?

  • Our Culture
  • Benefits
  • Application Process

We're the best of both worlds: A place to learn that’s also a summer camp. Because learning should be fun!

The Handwork Studio is fortunate to bring a team together made up of all different backgrounds, experiences, and abilities.  YOU are the paint that creates our vibrant organization.

Our promise to you is, that The Handwork Studio will be a place where you will be treated with respect and kindness. 

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When working at The Handwork Studio. We want to make this a mutually beneficial experience for everyone. We hope you will see the value of what a position with The Handwork Studio can bring. The following is a list of some of the benefits of being apart of our organization:
  • A fully defined curriculum and paid training. You DO NOT need to be an expert. We are very willing to train the right person on our methods.
  • Extensive leadership training and professional development around classroom management, curriculum instruction, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training, and behavior management.
  • Reimbursed in full (if applicable) for any required background checks.
  • A supportive leadership team.
  • A classroom size not bigger than 14 students with a 1:7 counselor to camper ratio.
  • Breakfast provided on Mondays or Wednesdays (depending on your location).
  • Coffee, drinks, snacks are available every day during camp.
  • Free parking.
  • A Full Summer Commitment bonus.
  • A Referral program.  When you make a recommendation for someone for us to hire and they successfully complete their contract with us you will receive a bonus for each individual. There is no limit to how many hires you can recommend.
  • First Aid and CPR certifications, paid if applicable to your location.
  • A comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation plan following all recommended guidelines from the CDC, WHO, American Camp Association, and local health authorities.
  • Working with a fully vaccinated team.
  • As an added benefit, children of staff will get one week of camp FREE per child at our Rosemont College location. 
  • A fun, joyous, and creative summer with an exceptional team.
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The Handwork Studio knows that our team is at the core of what makes us exceptional. Our hiring process is dedicated to making sure our programs are the right fit for you.  That is why we take a 3 step approach to give you the opportunity to understand the mission, values and expectations of The Handwork Studio.

  • Step 1:  Applying
    • Submit your resume and answer our application questions
    • If you are not sure which position or location to apply for just go ahead and choose one that seems like a good fit. We will spend time in the interview discussing what would be the best fit for you.
    • Our hiring team reaches out in 24-48 hours to let you know if you will be invited to a first interview via Zoom or if you will not be moving forward.
  • Step 2: First Interview
    • The first Interview is generally about 30 minutes in length via Zoom with Camera on.  We ask questions to get to know you better and describe what we are looking for. We welcome questions along the way.
  • Step 3: Demo & Book 2nd Interview
    • Within 1-2 business days our hiring team will reach out to either invite you to the next step or to let you know if they will not be moving forward.
    • Step 3 entails, putting together a Demo and booking your 2nd Interview.  You can either send a 5-minute Video Demo OR you can conduct your demo during the 2nd interview. 
  • Step 4: 2nd Interview
    • Our 2nd Interview is generally about 30 minutes in length via Zoom with camera on.  We ask questions to dive deeper into our camp experience. Questions are welcomed along the way.
  • Step 4: The Offer
    • Our hiring team reaches out in 24-48 hours to either offer you a position or let you know if we will not be moving forward.
    • If a position is offered there will be contingencies such as successful completion of references on file, background checks and up to date health/immunization requirements.


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What Being Apart of our Team Means

The Handwork Studio has been both a workplace and a family to me for almost a decade. Since summer 2012, I have been with the company and have matriculated from specialty camp counselor to lead counselor providing art tools and education to campers. I highly recommend working and being a part of THS family if you are looking for a place to grow, learn, and enjoy your summer with young, creative minds. Chiquanna "Chi-Chi", M.Ed.Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology '23, Site Director

"I really enjoyed the supportive work environment, and I particularly appreciated all the constructive feedback and positive reinforcement. The evolving dynamics with covid combined with in-person camp provided some challenges, but The Handwork Studio provided strong leadership and direction that I found very helpful. Having the opportunity to work with The Handwork Studio helped solidify my desire to become an elementary school teacher. I was excited to see how an engaging curriculum can bring out interests in children leading them to more investigation." Sophie, Assistant Instructor

When I worked with the Handwork Studio I could not have asked for a more joyous work experience! Not only did I get to cultivate the creativity of the kids at camp, I felt incredibly supported & inspired by the whole Handwork staff to explore my own creativity as an artist & instructor. I would do it all again fifty times over!" TJ, Lead Instructor

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