Health & Wellness


Medication at Camp

All medication that a camper requires must be documented on the health form that is a part of the registration system. Updates to the health form can be made after registering. 

Medication will be required to be given to your child's Lead Instructor at drop-off. Medication must be in a clearly labeled bag with your camper’s name and specific instructions on how medication needs to be administered and stored.  Under no circumstance is medication allowed to be kept on a camper or with their belongings. This includes medication such as Tylenol, Benedryl, epi-pens, etc.


Reporting special needs

The Handwork Studio HIGHLY encourages the documentation of any health or behavioral needs. By bringing awareness of your child's individual needs, our instructors will better be able to provide a safe and wonderful experience for your child.  Documentation of health and/or behavioral awareness will be made on our private forms when registering. All sensitive information will be between our directors and your child's instructor.  Updates to the forms can be made at any time.

Sunscreen/Insect Repellent

Sunscreen or repellent may be brought to camp in the original container and labeled with your camper’s name and can be kept with their personal belongings. Permission for an Instructor to assist the camper in applying the no-contact spray product that they have brought from home is requested at the time of registration.  Without permission, Instructors will not apply any product to the camper. Campers should know how to apply these products themselves or apply them before coming to camp each day.

Sick Policy

Should your camper become ill while at camp, you will be notified and asked to pick up your child within one hour of being notified. Your emergency contact should be notified of this policy in the event you are unable to meet the one-hour policy. (We do not allow campers to be delivered or picked up by any car service, including taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc.). 

Campers with any illness need to be kept at home and may require a physician’s evaluation before returning to campus. A child with a fever must be kept at home for a minimum of 24 hours and up to 72 hours after their temperature has returned to normal; each situation will be reviewed case-by-case with the Health Services Office.  Campers may not attend if they have a temperature over 100 degrees F, are vomiting, have gastric symptoms, a sore throat, severe cold, cough or are excessively fatigued.

Communicable Disease

You must notify the camp office within 24 hours, or on the next business day if your child or anyone in your household has developed a reportable communicable disease. The Reportable Disease list may be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Health website or click here.


We continue to consult with numerous sources to ensure we are on top of the ever-changing health landscape and update our protocols to reflect the most current and appropriate safety precautions. Currently, as of January 2023, masks are optional at this time. Sanitation efforts will continue to take place. Due to the fluid nature of COVID-19, all policies and procedures are subject to change. 

We are looking forward to a fantastic summer and rest assured, The Handwork Studio, as always, will be working tirelessly to provide a safe, healthy, and fun experience for everyone.