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How Robotics and Creativity Go Hand-In-Hand

Traditionally, STEM subjects are seen as fully logical and devoid of creativity, while the humanities get all the credit for being artistic. The truth is that both can stretch the imagination, challenge perceptions, and spark a lot of creativity! robotics - and - creativity - together

Programming, robotics, and coding are all exciting fields at the forefront of technology that not only encourage creativity but require it. Exposing kids to these areas of study will open up a whole new world for them, literally learning a new language and new ways of thinking. 

So how do concepts like programming and robotics stimulate creativity?

Endless Possibilities

The questions posed in programming are not like the questions posed in math; in other words, there isn’t a single answer or even a single way of getting to that answer. The challenges are open-ended and the possible solutions are literally endless.

When kids are challenged to think through a problem and apply their imagination to the solution, it encourages them to think outside the box, look at the situation from many different angles, and think about the implications of every solution they come up with (and why it may or may not work). 

In our Jr. Robotics & Coding Studio, innovators, explore programming the basics of coding and sequencing concepts. Campers design, build and play games of their own invention while incorporating their robot to make an interactive experience.

Freedom to Experiment

When the possibility exists for multiple answers, it provides the freedom to explore and experiment with all of those different solutions to see what works, what doesn’t, and what works better. Sounds a lot like art and other crafts, right? The truth is that creativity isn’t limited to traditionally artistic endeavours, it’s a frame of mind that can be applied anywhere.

There are also many different types of coding, and block color coding allows for something complex to be approached in a friendly and easy-to-use way. In the robotics camps, we use a robot and block color-coding to experiment with creating games, maps, and space exploration. By presenting robotics in a friendly and simplified way, it encourages makers to experiment and explore the possibilities without being intimidated. 

World of Technology

Finally, learning programming and robotics concepts connect kids to the world around them. So much of our world is made up of technology, and learning how it all works opens up the world in a whole new way. When makers start thinking about how they use technology, it inspires them to get creative with how they can understand, create, and improve that technology. Learning how to write code to create games helps them see their world through a new lens: instead of playing games, they’re now creating them. What else might they be inspired to create?

Creativity Isn’t Limited

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Robotics & Coding, Adult Education, Featured


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