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5 Phrases to Encourage Kids to Learn By Making

As parents and teachers, the emotional development of our children are paramount. It has been proven by numerous sources that expressions through creativity aid increative - jobs - summer emotional development by allowing children to express and cope with their emotions. Children may not always understand or know how to express what they are feeling. Being able to let their creativity be an outlet for those feelings allows them to deal with those emotions and identify them in a way they may not have been able to before.

Many times, children need that validation that you believe that what they are doing is worthwhile and that you believe in them. They need to know that you, as an influential person in their lives, care about what they are doing and what they are interested in. It is not always easy to find the words, but here are a few simple phrases that can go a long way in building confidence in your child during their creative pursuits.

Here are 5 Phrases to Encourage Kids to Learn By Making.

"That’s So Creative!"

Kids thrive on acknowledgment. Let them know that you see their uniqueness and their expression of it! Let them know you see them!

"You’re Getting Better At This!"

When a child has been struggling or practicing a particular skill, let them know that you see that and that you see the improvements that they are making.

"You Should Be Proud!"

Kids need that validation that they’ve done something worthwhile. No matter how big or small, let them know that their accomplishments matter.

"Way To Keep Trying!"

One of the most frustrating things for kids is they keep doing something and not getting it quite right. Let them know that it's ok to struggle, it's ok to not be perfect, and if they keep practicing and working on it, they will get there. Acknowledge their struggle and their perseverance.

"Take Your Time. There's No Rush!"

It’s not a race, let them know that it’s ok to go at their own pace. They are in competition with no one. It’s important for them to be themselves, to do their own thing, and in their own time.

Encouraging creativity in children fosters mental growth by helping  them build their self-esteem through self-expression and decision making. Giving children the freedom to choose their medium of creativity allows them to have control over how they process the world around them and induces decision making and problem-solving skills.

Woodworking - summer - camp - programsCreativity through different mediums of art allows children to choose how they express themselves,  which gives them the opportunity to  think independently,  have control and a  sense of self-worth. A sense of control allows children to explore and grow. This also allows them to gain confidence, and with confidence, a sense of self and knowledge that they are important and so are their thoughts, feelings and contributions.

Creativity in groups. Like those at Handwork Studio's Summer Camp, helps children build social skills while they learn to express themselves. Children will have the opportunity to be around other children and share their creativity with them while they learn new skills with the support of experts and nurturing teachers that care as much about them as you do. 

Encouraging children is more than just giving them access to art supplies, it is making them believe that they have the ability and that you believe that their expressions are important and matter.

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Enrichment Camp, Hands-On Learning, Adult Education