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Sew Tech Workshop

Posted by Libby Foxman on Tue, Oct 04, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Sew Tech Workshop

            Handwork skills are a very practical thing to have because they are applicable in so many aspects of our lives. Whether you are planning to make clothes, curtains, accessories, toys, or make a gift for a friend, you can always find a reason to learn to sew, knit, weave, or embroider. Like handwork skills, we also find uses for technology in our everyday lives. Learning the basics of technology, such as creating a battery pack, connecting circuits or using conductor thread, will give you a greater understanding of how electronics work and possibly how to fix them. The Handwork Studio’s Sew Tech Workshop combines handwork skills and technology to give kids, ages 8 and older, a practical understanding of both while activating the left and right sides of their brain.


Right Brain

            The right side of a person’s brain is in touch with a person’s creative side. The fine motor skills needed for any arts, especially handwork arts, are controlled by this side of the brain. Being in control of your fine motor skills will allow you to do the little movements needed for sewing or weaving. The right side of the brain is also controls the imagination. Having a good imagination is a huge aspect of creativity. Both scientists and artists use their imagination to build or create something new or further develop an already existing invention. The use of your fine motor skills and imagination in handwork projects will help you with your technique and making unique projects.

Left Brain

            The left side of the brain is much more logical, dealing with science and mathematics. It also helps us with reasoning. When using technology such as circuit boards or creating battery packs, logic and reasoning will help you understand why certain technological aspects of the Sew Tech projects only work when they are set up in a particular way. Although many schools are catered towards left-brain thinkers due to the critical thought needed in many classes, The Handwork Studio’s Sew Tech Workshop creates projects that both left and right brain thinkers can excel at.


            Whether your interest is in science or arts, Sew Tech Workshop has something for everyone. The projects will all be handwork based. Kids can make stuffed animals, accessories, and more. Technology will be incorporated into the projects. Students can put LED lights, sound machines, and motors into their projects while learning how to create and use circuit boards to power them. In a world where technology plays are role in almost everything that we do, the introduction to the basics of technology in Sew Tech will give kids an understanding of how the world works.


            If you have a scientist, artist, or a child who is eager to learn, head to The Handwork Studio’s website or call (610) 660-9600 to get more information about the unique experience that is Sew Tech Workshop.

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