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Maker Monday: Fashion Designer Wing Tang

Posted by Kelsey Underwood on Mon, Aug 14, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

IMG_3742.jpgName: Wing Tang

Age: 20

School: University of Delaware

Internship: Elie Saab, Paris

Bio: Wing Tang, upcoming junior apparel design student at the University of Delaware, has a passion for blending classic and trendy fashion elements to create sophisticated, high-end garments.





Design Discovery

P2120104-1.jpgAs a child, Wing discovered she had an act for designing. She gives the paper cash register she designed in the second grade the credit for jumpstarting her fashion design interest.

Today, Wings designs have share one quality with her first design--exquisite detail.

“I love to place special emphasis on small details, because it’s usually places people neglect,” she said.

Big Dreams

After busy days of school or interning for Eli Saab, Wing’s creative mind continues to focus on her designs. She often wakes up with inspiration from her dreams.

“Many images will flash back and forth in my dreams, and these images are usually things that I have encountered or been exposed to before,” she said. “Therefore, anything or anytime can be an inspiration for me.”

Alvanon Design Competition

P2090089.jpgWing takes pride in all of her designs, which greatly vary from one another in styles and techniques. Whether for school or competition, many of her creations have a completion deadline.

“I am very proud of the speed of my work progress when I am under stress,” she said.

Recently, Wing entered the 2017 Half-Scale Alvanon Student Design Competition. The fashion designer used the knowledge and techniques she acquired while studying and interning abroad in Paris, such as smocking, to draft and drape her entry.

“In Paris, I learned about smocking, and it became a technique that I have been researching and exploring around in the past semester,” Wing said. “I would describe smocking as roses with thorns. It’s a love and hate relationship, because I can get stuck in a pothole for a long time, or I can produce something very beautiful.”

Patience & Persistence

When asked about encountering challenges during her design and construction processes, Wing said obstacles often arise. However, with every problem comes a solution. While sometimes solutions are evident, others  take time to form.

“Patience, is something that you need while you are stuck, and you will just have to do it rather than thinking too much about it,” she said.

To Future Designers

In regards to advice for aspiring fashion designers, Wing said, “The most important advice I have is to have patience in anything that you are pursuing.”


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