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How Working at Camp Can Prepare You to Be a Leader

Posted by Catalina Lassen on Wed, May 04, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

From the time you’re in grade school, you’re taught leadership skills that will hopefully prove beneficial throughout your teenage and adult years. The ability to clearly communicate instructions, multitask, and set an example is key to becoming an effective leader. It’s important to continue building these skills in the workplace, especially if you’re working with adolescents who require support, guidance, and direction.

Summertime offers great opportunities for not only supplementing your income but also gaining leadership skills that will help you advance your career. If you’re looking to assume a leadership role in your career, a position at a summer camp staff may be just what you need.


Multi-tasking and Decision-Making

As a summer camp counselor, you’ll work with children of all different ages and skill sets, meaning you’ll need to adapt to varied roles. Working as a counselor will help you develop multitasking and decision-making skills. Juggling several activities and catering to various learning styles will shape your proficiency as a leader.

Depending on the camp, counselors will be engaging in a range of activities. From fishing to hiking, sewing to weaving, staff members will learn how to provide clear direction and prioritize the tasks at hand.

Becoming a Role Model

Camp counselors serve as role models for camp attendees. Dealing with children from various backgrounds and age groups will prepare you for managing an entire team or department in future positions. Although some camps are age-specific, many camps offer programs for all ages. Your teaching practices and leadership style will ultimately depend on the camp and the circumstances. For example, an eight-year-old child will require more direction and assistance than a twelve-year-old. To effectively lead and instruct campers, you will have to wear many different hats just as you would in a leadership role at any company.

Communicating Effectively

To become an effective leader, you must develop exceptional communication skills. Camp staff members are regularly managing and conversing with large groups of children. They learn how to provide clear expectations for campers’ behavior and steer their behavior in a constructive direction. They ensure camp activities run smoothly and provide campers with the best experience possible. Teaching campers a range of skills will prepare you for training new employees and managing team members with diverse backgrounds and experience.

Working at a camp is a great opportunity to prepare you to be a leader, whether in your career or at home. It’s a rewarding experience that enables creative individuals to work with children of all ages and backgrounds. You’ll offer campers a home away from home and an authority figure they know they can trust.

Do you think you’d enjoy working at a summer camp? Find a location near you and apply today.

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