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How Sewing Teaches Children Sustainable Living Practices

Posted by Catalina Lassen on Fri, May 20, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

In today’s disposable world, garments are discarded after losing a single button. Shirts are thrown away because of ripped sleeves, and a dress is worn only three times as it goes out of style.


Instead of disposing of slightly damaged clothing, teach your children how to be more sustainable through sewing. Having your child learn to sew in a classroom, camp setting, or in the comfort of their home will support their love for fashion and encourage them to practice sustainable rather than wasteful living practices.

Repair Damaged Clothing

As part of handwork techniques in a sewing camp or classroom, children learn to sew buttons on different garments, mend tears in clothing, and adjust hems. Instead of casting away clothing because it’s too short or long, loose or tight, they can use sewing skills to alter garments, so they fit comfortably and are fashionable once again!

With newly acquired sewing skills, clothing no longer needs to languish in closets unworn. You won’t need to go on as many shopping trips for new clothes. Plus, you’ll be participating in greener activities all while saving money on replacing their wardrobe!

Repurpose Old Garments

Instead of buying new clothing in department stores and malls, why not visit a thrift store? More often than not, second-hand clothing just needs a little TLC. By repurposing used clothing, your child can hone their sewing and fashion skills while reducing waste. That designer top can become new again with a fresh set of buttons. By adding a fringe, cutting off sleeves, or extending a skirt with lace, your little fashionista can update a neglected piece of clothing and realize their creative side.

Make Their Clothes

While your child isn’t likely to start a sewing shop anytime soon, they can create designs from scratch. Or, if they’re still learning the basics, they can follow patterns, find inspiration online and from sewing books, or work on a project at sewing camp. By picking eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic hemp or recycled wool, they can help the environment while developing their skills. They’ll realize the rewards of hard work - a fashionable new skirt - and start working towards a more sustainable fashion future.

Learning to sew helps your child extend the life of their - and maybe your - clothing and adopt sustainable living practices. Instead of throwing away clothes, only to have them dumped in a landfill, they’ll learn how to recycle, reuse, and repurpose their wardrobe.

Do you think your child would benefit from learning sustainable living practices? Register your creative kids for sewing summer camp today!

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