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Posted by Laura Kelly on Thu, Jul 31, 2014 @ 07:39 AM

Handwork Memories Are Heartfelt

As a child, I'm sure I made a lot of things in school; drawings, paper mache, models. However, the one thing I truly remember is my A-line skirt.

Machine Sewing Projects Kids Learning How to Sew

Learning How-to Machine Sew

Everyone remembers the first time they do something significant. A meaningful accomplishment is always a source of pride. When creating something from scratch or with your hands, this further magnifies the sense of accomplishment. This is even more true during adolescence which naturally magnifies, well, everything.

Not only do I remember the A-line skirt that brought me so much pride, it was so important, the moment warranted a picture of me wearing it. Yes, that's right, the picture above is me wearing my beloved skirt.

Powerful Experiences

It's not so ironic that 40 years later, I'm running a business that cherishes the notion that Handwork = Love.  Where what you make represents something more than just a craft but something that is meant to be kept, cherished and even captured in picture. I was so proud of this skirt. I loved that skirt. It made me feel so competent that I just wanted to show it to everyone.

The Heart of What We Do

At The Handwork Studio, young girls and boys gain exposure to a teacher and skills that unlock curiosity and allow exploration of new skills. Who knows what pride and confidence is waiting for your child. That's the heart behind why The Handwork Studio is where kids learn by doing.

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