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YOU Make Machine Sewing & Fashion Camp Great!

Posted by Alisha Tillman on Fri, Aug 03, 2012 @ 12:41 PM

Rosemont Machine Sewing Friday ExhibitionHave you ever walked into a room and it's positively alive with energy?  If you haven't, not only are you missing out on palpable awesomeness but that probably also means that you have never been to any of the camps at Rosemont College.

The first camp that I ever had the honor of instructing was Machine Sewing at Rosemont several summers ago.  Since then the program has grown and changed in ways that I certainly never could have imagined, but am truly glad that I am an active part of.

One thing that has remained the same since my first summer back in 2008 is the commitment, determination and wonder that each camper brings to the program.  Admittedly, I am slightly partial to machine sewing, as it was the first craft that I had learned to do and have continued to do to this day (obviously!).  But I too even after 25 years of sewing have the same commitment, wonder and determination of the kids that walk through the door.  Though each child is different, each experience unique and each creative production special, the common thread that binds us together is the love of the craft; and it is in that commonality that we create that energy that can be felt walking into Rosemont.  It is the power of being in the same space, with like minded hands and hearts, busying themselves with their chosen task.  Each one of them, making it special.



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