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Sewing Camp or Love? Sometimes it is hard to know the difference.

Posted by Laura Kelly on Tue, Jul 31, 2012 @ 07:00 AM


Today was an emotional day for us at The Handwork Studio.  You don't really think of camp as being emotional.  Fun, lots of activities and sunshine but not really emotional. 

But today we were rewarded with an email from a family that made us all cry.  

"I just returned from picking up my child; as anticipated it was a GLORIOUS day! She is in LOVE with the program, and her instructors! She gushed all the way home - which of late, she hasn't had much opportunity..  Thank Goodness for the Handwork Studio!  For now, her sadness has dissipated and her joy is infectious! I owe you all a huge HUG! Thank You All Again, for being the newest Blessing in our lives!"

This is what we work for!  This is the best part of our job.  You may see us as sewing camp, but we see your kids as an opportunity for love to happen.

And speaking of love, watch this week's video below of Miss Alisha at sewing camp.  Clearly she is missing Miss Julia and Sheepy while they are at Shadeside Academy in Pittsburg.  This is the "not" so emotional side of our jobs.  Enjoy!

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