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March is National Craft Month | Craft Projects For Kids

Posted by Laura Kelly on Fri, Mar 09, 2012 @ 06:06 PM

Greetings fellow crafters (or soon to be crafters!) I’m Amanda and I am a Handwork Instructor for the Handwork Studio down in DC! And if you weren’t aware it’s actually National Craft Month! So turn off the computer and get crafting! Some amazing reasons to start crafting this month, you can:
Nuturing Children's Creativity 

Bond with your child! Curl up with your child and learn a skill together.  Most kids and adults we speak to will tell you of their fond memories of learning to craft with their mom (or grandmom).


Try something new! You can start crafting right now if you’ve never crafted before or learn a new skill.  You know how to knit? Maybe try crochet!


Finish that project that’s been sitting in your closet since last spring!

Use it to de-stress! Take your mind off of things and focus on your project at hand.

Do a craft together! Everyone can do a small piece of a project and then put it together at the end!

Make something for the spring or summer! A light scarf, a new purse, a cool headband, the sky’s the limit!

 National Craft Month LogoAnd so in honor of National Craft Month we will be going to the American Camp Association’s Tri-State Conference next week with crafty projects to share with our new ACA friends. Well be teaching a class "Purls of Wisdom: Easy Camp Projects to Take Back to Camp. And what we will be bringing back from them can’t really be put in a Handwork Studio backpack. We will be learning how to make our camp the best camp it can be, for you, and your families. We are just as excited to share our unique crafting skills and programming with them as learning as much as we can about making our camp even better! 

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