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Come Meet The Handwork Studio | Camp Fairs Galore!

Posted by Julia Yosen on Wed, Feb 01, 2012 @ 11:00 PM

Main Line Camp Fair

After watching children come through the studio today, Wednesday Febuary 1st,  in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops I stopped thinking that Summer was so far away.  In reality, just a few short months from now we will be planning trips to the beach, eating ice cream outside and of course for many kids Summer means going to Camp! 

Now a days with so many camp offerings parents and kids have to make a lot decisions about where to go and what to do.  With these endless choices you might wonder how does one make an educated decision on what camp will be the best fit?  At The Handwork Studio we have found that camp fairs are a one stop shop for families to see a lot of different camps in the region and to get a more intimate look at them.  Rather than tediously checking countless programs out online camp fairs offer the opportunity to speak first hand to the counselors and directors at each of their respective camps.  Many even have visual aids, props and equipment to show and sometime demonstrate what goes on in their camp on any given day.  Another perk of visiting a camp fairs is that they are free and can be a great afternoon or evening out with the kids. Many camps will offer a small activity or a give away that makes it fun for everyone.  

At the Handwork Studio we love to bring kids in on the experience.  When we set up our booth we bring many examples of projects that we could potentially create over the Summer and also offer kids to make a quick easy project on the sewing machine with one of our trained instructors.

Camp Fair Project

Since we feel camp fairs are a fantastic way for families to experience us a big part of my job throughout January, February, and March is being out on the camp fair circuit.  A few days a week I travel around NJ, PA, DC and MD region setting up camp fairs at schools, malls, hotels, pharmaceuatical companies and more.  I truly find these fairs to be invigorating. One of my favorite things is meeting new families that are excited to learn about us because their child has expressed an interested in what we offer and of course it is great seeing alumni Handwork Studio campers visitng our booth with big smiles and a hug!

White Flint Fair 

If you are interested in checking out one of the upcoming camp fairs that The Handwork Studio will be at feel free to check us out here to see where our next stop will be!

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