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Our Promise for 2012 @ The Handwork Studio!

Posted by Laura Kelly on Sat, Dec 31, 2011 @ 03:00 PM

Winter Camp 2011!
Dear Families, Host School Partners, Vendors and Industry Leaders:
We spent the last two weeks of the year teaching Winter Camp.  I received an email from Miss Alisha on Friday, that reminded me how important our work is to kids that I'd like to share with you:
"Having a great day so far.  Two parents hugged me for making their children happy at camp.  One of them was up and dressed by 7:30 so that they wouldn't be late for camp, the other was thrilled that his daughter came in and walked away easily.
And then, the coup de gras...one of our campers, who has been coming for ages asked me today how old you have to be to work here.  I told her that she can begin volunteering at 12, and she was a little disappointed because she is 10.  So then she says, "can I just start teaching people the balloon knot to practice for when I volunteer?"  So I said sure, and then she spent the next 10 minutes working the room teaching all the other kids the balloon knot.  It was spectacular."
This email just swelled my heart and made me take pause to think about what we promise to deliver in 2012.
Our New Year's Goals:
* To create an environment of love, trust and creativity for our students and staff.
* Be innovative and continue to design the most fun projects ever.
* Continue to find and hire dynamic, energetic, fun instructors that the kids will love.
* Be responsive and respectful with everyone.
* Make handwork available to more people by opening new locations - 22 planned for summer 2012! 
* Be a great partner to our host schools & rented locations.
* Be a loyal customer to our vendors who, like us, try to promote handwork & machine sewing products to children everyday.
* Strive to be the best educator of kids handwork and machine sewing!
We wish you all much happiness, health, prosperity and craftiness in the New Year!
Miss Laura