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Creative Ways to Spend Election Day | Easy Craft Projects for Kids

Posted by Melissa Haims on Wed, Nov 02, 2011 @ 07:25 PM

election day fun with kidsMost folks don't think of voting and crafting, but they are two things I love doing.  So I thought it only appropriate to share my thoughts on what election day means to me, how I experience it with my daughter and give you some ideas for easy craft projects that you can make with your own kids to put you in the spirit.


When I turned 30, voting became really important to me. This doesn't necessarily mean that I totally understand politics the way I would like to, but I understand enough to be able to make informed decisions on my elected officials.


And ever since my daughter, Noa, was born she has accompanied me to the polls. She hasn't missed an election in 9 years, and neither have I. She loves helping me find the names on the ballot machine, pushing the corresponding buttons and hitting the final "VOTE" button that changes the machine over, registers the vote and opens the curtains... all magically.


All of our voting officials know us by name because they are all our neighbors. There's coffee and donuts, there's good cheer, camaraderie and political banter. It's something that I want her to understand from an early age and I want her to associate good thoughts with voting. It's about us and our community and the power we have to change it. It's so important for all of us to have a say in our political system, even if we don't understand it like the guys + gals on cable TV.


This November 8 you may be met with the joy of having your kids home with you - take them to vote: open up an authentic dialog about it's importance. And watch their eyes light up when the lights go out and the curtain magically opens....


You can take it even a step further while you're home, here 4 ideas on what you can do while your kids are home this November 8th! 


1. Future Voter Button

I love this project, especially when it's hand sewn and the words are embroidered.

Future Vote Button Project


2. Vote for Broccoli!

Personally, I'd vote for cookies....

voting ballot photo 240x337 WT1108.LWLO resized 600


3. Felt Cupcake Toppers

Instead of using glue, I'd recommend using a needle and thread to create these cute cupcake toppers!




4. Don't have the day off, but your kids do? We also have a one day camp available on November 8th with multiple options for drop off and pick up. We'll have lots of fun craft activities for the kids. You can register your children for full day (9-3) half day (9-1) or just the afternoon (1-3). Click here to register.

And don't forget to vote!

Miss Melissa

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