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You Can Go Home Again | Summer Camp is Back East!

Posted by Alisha Tillman on Thu, Jul 12, 2012 @ 07:21 AM

There are two phrases about home that have always stuck with me.  One is “There’s no place like home” and the other is “You can’t go home again”.  In spending the last two summers traveling with Miss Julia teaching summer camp, I have learned that they are both true, and at the same time one of them is totally wrong.  Home for us is of course Narberth Pa; with our cozy studio and glass windows that we wave hello through every day, but for Miss Julia and I home is now present in Dallas, Texas and even found us on the beaches of Avalon.

DSCN5326 resized 600

Leaving Dallas was bittersweet, because we have developed such close relationships and bonds there that we know we will be back soon to return to our Texas home.  And while there are 1,000 miles between us now, the anticipation of coming “home” to the northeast was palpable.  While we didn’t make it to Narberth this past week, we did spend the week in Avalon where on the beach one day we bumped into a familiar face that we used to see every Saturday morning in our Handwork Class.  We chatted with her and her family and her mom shared the fun of watching us trek across the country “I’m so glad you’re home!” she exclaimed upon seeing us; and at that point even though we weren’t in Pennsylvania, seeing them made us realize that you can come home again, that there is no place quite like it.


--Miss Alisha

The Handwork Studio Road Tour...Take Two!

Posted by Alisha Tillman on Sat, Jun 02, 2012 @ 12:01 PM

In what has become a perennial event, The Handwork Studio is once again taking the show on the road!

Last summer, Miss Julia and I embarked on a journey that would become one of the most adventurous craft excursions to date; and in a matter of days the craftsome twosome will do it once more!

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Over the past several weeks we have been cutting, stitching, rolling balls of yarn, felting, putting in zippers, tracing patterns and packing boxes in preparation for the tour, and in year two it’s a lot easier!

Here’s what we have gleaned from our first year on the road

  • We now know how to expertly pack The Handwork Studio Mobile in record time. 

  • We know now that putting the ironing board on top of everything in the van means it will fly forward when we step on the brakes. 

  • Always check to make sure you have your cell phone & GPS


  • You never wear all of the clothes that you pack.

  • Yarn is a universal language

In the year that has passed since Miss Julia and I left for our first Road Tour we have spent many, many days reminiscing about the fun that was had in our new camps and the friends we made along the way.  What’s even better is that since we will be returning to places that we visited last summer we get to see those that have now become our old friends!

I have to admit; there is a different type of excitement that I feel now.  One of familiarity and comfort knowing the adventure that being on the road will bring, and being able to follow the footsteps that we left for ourselves last summer.  Here’s to another great trip!


--Miss Alisha