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How Offering Unique Programs Increases Camp Registration!

Posted by Laura Kelly on Tue, Feb 23, 2016 @ 11:30 AM

Parents want their kids to have a fun time at camp. What they don’t want is an exact repeat of last year’s camp program.

If as a camp director, you’re looking to increase camp registrations, you need to consistently offer new, unique programs. These unique camp programs will pique a parent’s interest and increase the likelihood of enrollment.


What else can these unique programs provide?

A Competitive Edge

Unique camp programs can give your program a competitive advantage. If only a few summer camps are offering computer coding classes, you have a better chance of attracting any families that have a particular interest in this area.

Many camps give children an opportunity to play team sports, but how many camps also offer classes for STEM, robotics, theater, writing or handwork? Including these unique classes in your program will show your dedication to all areas of development and help you stand out from the competitors.

A Larger Audience

Offering unique programs allows you to reach a larger target audience. Specialized programs will appeal to parents of all demographics and professions, leading to a higher enrollment rate.

By adding programs focused on sewing, knitting, crocheting and other handwork techniques, you meet the needs of more customers. Parents who sew in their free time may be more interested in enrolling their children in your camp program, knowing that their child can share in their hobby after learning to sew in your class.

Increased Camp Retention

If parents see little to no change in a camp’s activities from year to year, they may decide to enroll their child in another camp program. The last thing parents want is for a camp program to become boring or stale. Even adding one new program every year will give them something new to look forward to.

Instead, parents want their child to try new things, adopt new hobbies and discover new skills. A great way to achieve all of the above is to have their child attend a camp that pushes them out of their comfort zone. The ideal camp program would introduce new activities and broaden their horizons.

Updating your programs every year will provide new opportunities for attendees and increase your number of returning campers. Offering unique camp programs reassures parents that their children will be challenged and actively engaged. Keep camp attendees creatively engaged and exceed parents’ expectations by changing up your camp program and offering unique classes.

TIP: If you’re looking to offer classes and programs that your counselors don’t have the skill-set or resources for, find a camp partner! Finding partner camps that specializes in niché classes allows you to expand your program without having to invest in additional computer, lab equipment, sewing machines, or trapeze equipment!

Are you looking to bring a sewing class or needle arts program to your camp? We offer unique partnership options for summer camp programs. We take care of the instructors, insurance, supplies and sewing machines. All we need from you is a classroom and electricity! If you are interested in working with us, sign up today!

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Solving the Spring Break Dilemma with Camp!

Posted by Laura Kelly on Wed, Feb 17, 2016 @ 04:30 PM

It’s that time of year again - spring break. While your child is rejoicing, excited at the prospect of time away from school and a short reprieve from homework, you are dealing with some mixed feelings.

As a loving, dedicated parent, you want your child to enjoy their spring break. You would give anything to go on a family vacation, or spend some quality time with them. But unfortunately, your hands are tied. This is your work’s busiest time of year, and you have been putting in extra hours to ensure your work is completed. You simply can’t afford to take time off.


The last thing you want is for your child to spend their entire spring break cooped up inside, playing video games and surfing the Internet. Luckily for you, there is another option: spring break camp. Attending spring camp offers numerous benefits and is a great way for your child to spend their time off.

Allows Them to Socialize

Rather than sitting around all day, spring break camp gets them up and about, talking to kids their age and finding friends with like-minded interests. The camp attendees learn to work together, resolve conflicts and treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Participating in spring camp activities helps your child mature socially. It improves social skills related to making and keeping friends, skills that will benefit them long after camp has ended.

They Develop Long-Life Skills

A spring camp program provides a positive and nurturing environment where children can gain problem solving and real world skills. They learn how to ask for help from others, to make their own decisions and then get to see the results of their decisions firsthand.

As they work on creative projects, they learn practical skills, whether it be how to sew on a button or knit a hat. These tasks improve their finger dexterity and motor skills while also teaching them patience.

Pushes Them Out of Their Comfort Zone

A spring break camp will encourage your child to try new activities and explore their interests. Under the guidance of positive adult role models, your child can learn about and enhance their own abilities. They’ll discover their strengths and find new hobbies.

Spring camp gives your child a chance to grow in ways they never could if they had remained at home. As they are pushed into new, different situations, they begin to understand what it means to be an independent adult.

Gives Them A Confidence Boost

At spring break camp, children find and build their self-confidence. Finishing camp projects, expressing their creative side and receiving encouragement from camp instructors gives them a sense of accomplishment and increases their confidence in their abilities.

Loads of Fun!

Most importantly, attending spring break camp is a ton of fun! It makes for an enjoyable experience that your child is sure to remember for years to come.

Consider the Handwork Studio

The Handwork Studio offers a fun, educational spring camp program for kids aged 5-12. This project-focused camp teaches children handwork and sewing techniques as they create their unique designs. Our spring camp is designed to fit your schedule. Children can come for one day or the entire week; it’s all up to you! If you think your child would enjoy knitting, sewing, crocheting, and other handwork techniques, take a look at our spring camp program and sign up today!

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3 Ways to Support Your Child's Love of Fashion

Posted by Laura Kelly on Sat, Feb 13, 2016 @ 09:30 AM

Is your child a fashionista in the making? Do they leave a trail of glitter and ribbons everywhere they go? While it may be messy cleaning up after fashion projects, it is important that you let your child’s creative side shine through.

What you may not realize is that while you see yet another doll dress pattern, your child is seeing something else entirely. They see their hopes and dreams. They are discovering their talents and looking forward to a future in fashion design.


Even if your child is uninterested in a fashion design career and thinks of design as only a hobby, it is still important to develop that interest, however small it may be. Fashion gives children an opportunity to express themselves and fosters creativity. Creating original, innovative designs and learning practical skills offers them a sense of independence, boosts their self esteem and improves their problem solving skills.

If your child loves fashion and creating their own designs, your encouragement will mean the world to them! Learn how you can help your child achieve their dreams with these 3 tips for supporting their love of fashion.

Work As a Team

One of the best ways to support your child is to work on a fashion project together. It doesn’t matter if you are absolutely horrible at sewing; your child will still appreciate spending quality time with you. As you work together, be sure to ask them questions about design to acknowledge that they are the expert while you are the mere novice.

This project will help you both learn new skills, bring you closer together and give your child a chance to flaunt their creativity.

You can even have other family members or friends join in to make it a truly memorable experience. Your child will have fun and know that you believe in their capabilities. Even watching TV shows together that highlight fashion design, like Project Runway Junior, can be both fun and inspiring to watch!

Show Off Their Work

Every parent loves to show off their child’s accomplishments, and parents of aspiring fashion designers are no exception to the rule! Show how proud you are of your child’s work by displaying it in a place of honor in the household or by wearing their creations if possible.

Sure, people may grow tired of hearing about your child’s latest fashion endeavors, but your acknowledgment of their work will increase your child’s confidence. This recognition will help fuel their creativity and lead to even more creations and ideas.

Sign Them Up For a Class

You can help them learn useful skills by enrolling them in a fashion design camp, workshop or class. Sewing and design programs offer a fun, unique way to learn a variety of applicable skills in a positive environment.

Whether they’re attending a class focused on handwork and machine sewing or designing flannel pjs at fashion design camp, they will be creatively engaged and doing what they love. They’ll make friends, work with professional instructors and artists, and feel great about themselves and their efforts.

The Handwork Studio offers a variety of fashion design classes, camps and workshops for all ages. Some of the classes focus on the technical side of sewing, whereas others teach students the entire design process from sketching to the finished product. Programs are offered throughout the year.

Do you think summer camp would be perfect for your child? Take a look at our fashion design camps and register today!

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