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Staff Spotlight: Miss Ana + Miss Elanor

Posted by Megan DiFeo on Tue, Oct 20, 2015 @ 10:19 AM

Have your been to our studio in Narberth lately?

If you've visited us for a class, workshop or party recently, or maybe even over the last few weeks of summer camp, we're sure you've had the pleasure of meeting our Lead Instructor and Studio Administrator, Miss Ana. Miss Ana has been leading classes, camps and our day-to-day studio operations since February of this year. We are happy to annouce that Miss Ana has a new side-kick, Miss Elanor, our Studio Assistant. You'll see Miss Elanor in the studio throughout the week working with Miss Ana and then leading our studio classes on Sundays.

We are so excited to have these two lovely ladies leading us through our school year activities in our studio. We wanted to offer you an opportunity to get to know them a little bit more, so we've asked them some questions and we're sharing their answers below!

Miss Ana will go first on our Staff Spotlight:

What is your favorite past time? I love watching films and going to catch a movie with a friend. 
Where would you travel if you could go anywhere in the world for 5 days? Iceland! I'd love to see how gorgeous it is in person. 
Why do you love working at The Handwork Studio? It's amazing when a child turns an idea into a tangible thing. The entire process is beautiful, and they tend to treasure their creation more because they created it. I love being a part of that.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life? I cannot pick just one person, however, I think that I always have admired strong women artists in both music and visual arts who challenge our perception and way of thinking! Like Kate Bush or Eva Hesse. 

When you were young what did you want be when you grow up? I only ever really saw myself as wanting to be an artist for as long as I can remember. When I was a child I wanted to paint like Monet. 

And now for Miss Elanor:

What is your favorite past time?
I love creating things for my friends and family.  Most recently, I have been designing and screen printing greeting cards.
Where would you travel if you could go anywhere in the world for 5 days?
I would hop on a plane to Rome and spend 5 days backpacking around Italy.  
Why do you love working at The Handwork Studio?
I get to spend every day creating, getting my hands dirty and helping kids do the same.  I'm honored to be fostering the next generation of makers.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?
My mom, Kelli, is my biggest inspiration and best friend.  She has taught me to be selfless, mindful, and strong.  

When you were young what did you want be when you grow up?
If you asked me when I was 5, I would have said a ballerina.  By 10, I realized it was more about the tutus and less about the dancing, so I would have answered a fashion designer. 

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Are you ready to get to crafting with Miss Ana + Miss Elanor? Our Annual Halloween Candy Making Workshop is this week and we've got loads of creativity packed into our Fall Class Session.  We'd love to see you and your child in Narberth!


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We're Celebrating I <3 Yarn Day and #StitchItForward

Posted by Megan DiFeo on Thu, Oct 15, 2015 @ 11:57 AM

Do you love yarn? We do! And we are excited to share I <3 Yarn day with you!

I LOVE YARN DAY will turn five on Saturday, October 17th and this year’s industry-wide celebration is all about “paying it forward,” with yarn of course.

Fiber fans around the world are encouraged to share their affection for yarn and “stitch it forward” by teaching at least one newbie to yarn-craft and experience its feel good benefits. Whether people prefer to knit it, crochet it, spin it, weave it or bomb it, the goal is for every yarn-crafter to share their know-how with someone new on October 17th. And then post it, tweet it, pin it and share it on social media with the hashtags #stitchitforward and #ilyd2015 to celebrate and motivate others to join in the fun!




“Most people can think back and remember that one person who taught them their first stitch or helped them complete their first project and how learning made them feel,” said Co-Executive Director of the Craft Yarn Council, Mary Colucci. “We want to encourage people to reminisce about that joyful moment when yarn-crafting “clicked” for them and pass that feeling along to someone else who could benefit from it – a win-win for all involved.”

There are many ways one can “stitch it forward” for I LOVE YARN DAY 2015. For inspiration, including the official celebration countdown and ideas and tips for teaching others how to knit and crochet, free patterns, yarn party ideas, contests with fiber-fabulous prizes, giveaways and more, people are encouraged to visit I LOVE YARN DAY 2015’s website at www.iloveyarnday.com and social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest regularly.

“People don’t have to be experts to be able to participate,” said Colucci. “This celebration is for everyone in the industry who experiences the feel-good facets of yarn – from individual yarn-crafters and yarn shops to designers and manufactures and more – to enjoy. All that’s required is a passion for yarn and a desire to have fun.”

Speaking of the feel-good aspect of yarn, it may motivate yarn crafters to know that practicing such skills could very well be benefiting their health. In addition to the plethora of studies and recent news articles revealing the positive affects yarn-crafting can have on one’s health, the Craft Yarn Council received some inspiring feedback from knitters and crocheters surveyed in a research review conducted in late 2014. Ninety-three percent of subjects reported the crafts gave them a feeling of accomplishment; 85% credited them for stress reduction and 68% praised the crafts’ powers to improve their mood. These results are just a few of many continuing to highlight the feel-good quality that comes from yarn crafting. All the more reason to “stitch it forward!”

For more details and updates about I LOVE YARN DAY 2015 visit www.iloveyarnday.com. For additional questions and/or to share how you plan to “stitch it forward” email info@iloveyarnday.com or post directly to www.craftyarncouncil.com/i-love-yarn-day-plans.


How we are celebrating at The Handwork Studio:

Throughout the next week, we'll be teaching our students about different types of yarn and how yarn can be used for various projects. Yarn is a versitle fiber and is woven into the foundation of what makes The Handwork Studio special. We've been stitching it forward for 15 years and we're excited to continue our mission to pass down traditional needle arts to today's creative kids.

Be sure to follow The Handwork Studio on Instagram and Facebook to see our celebratory "selfies" from class!

If you want to have your child join our session, classes are always enrolling. Simply pop over to this page, find a class that works best for your schedule and register online or by calling Miss Ana at 610-660-9600.

We are grateful for the opportunity to stitch it forward all year long with so many lovely young crafters.

Hope to see you in class soon!

Miss Megan + The Handwork Studio Team

P.S. Need a little more inspiration - check out our Yummy Yarn Pinterest Board

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Get Started With Knitting by Casting On

Posted by Megan DiFeo on Thu, Oct 08, 2015 @ 11:39 AM

Are you ready to start knitting?

Maybe your friend knits, or you child has learned to knit with us at the studio. No matter where you find yourself on your creative journey, learning to knit can be a fun and relaxing way to stay creative. But first, you need to learn how to get started!  

Check out our video on how to cast on which is the first and fundamental step in knitting.

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