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How Do You Teach Knitting & Machine Sewing to Kids?

Posted by Laura Kelly on Tue, Jan 22, 2013 @ 11:38 AM

Teaching Kids to KnitHow do you teach your child to knitt?  To machine sew?  To embroider?  It is really very simple and what we do everyday in classes, camps and workshops.  Hint: It isn't about crafting at all.  


  1. With patience - Try a new craft and you will remember how frightening it is, how much you don't want to make a mistake, how silly you feel when you don't get it right.  Kids feel all that too.  Make sure you let them know it is ok to make mistakes.  Everyone does.
  2. With love - Remember it is about passing something down, not about teaching perfection.  They will ALWAYS remember you were the one that taught them.
  3. With fun - Our philosophy is that if we make our classes fun, kids will keep coming back.  If kids keep coming back they will eventually learn with time, with age and with motor skills.  The goal is to keep them coming back!
We hope you will find time to craft with your kids.  You'll get more out of it then they will:)

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Fashion, Crafting and Machine Sewing Camp Launches Summer 2013

Posted by Laura Kelly on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 10:08 AM

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Tomorrow Marks the Launch of Summer Camp 2013!

We've been working very hard the past few months to continue to make our programs better and better for you and your children. We know as a parent, you have lots of choices for your kids so we want to wow you by teaching your kids to make really cool projects, have them learn something new, create an environment where they will have a really fun time, and make sure they feel valued and loved with our amazing team of counselors.  We hope you join us!


New Exciting Happenings for Summer 2013:
1) We've kept our full day 2012 pricing the same for the summer 2013 in most all of our locations!  
2) Added New Locations - This year we are happy to work with:
  • Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, PA
  • Park School in Baltimore, MD
  • Lawrenceville Day School in Lawrenceville NJ
  • College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown NJ
  • St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School in Alexandria VA
  • Congressional School in Falls Church VA
  • and back to Newtown Friends School in Newtown PA
3) Of our 26 locations, now 16 of them have before and aftercare!
4) For our Fashion and Machine Sewing Camp,  we will continue to use Simplicity Creative Design Group patterns as well as teach from Brett Bara's book Sewing In a Straight Line.  Brett is a author, television host, blogger and designer and every camper in this program will receive an autographed copy of her book!
sewing straight cover lo
5) Fashion Bootcamp this year continues to offer unique opportunities for young designers interested in the fashion world.  We will again give them access to the industry:
  • meet and talk with designer Tamar Daniel
  • brown bag lunch and discussion with Brett Bara (see above) in NYC and receive an autographed copy of her book
  • tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts summer fashion exhibition
  • learn to walk the runway with a fashion model
  • meet with designer Jay McCarroll, season one winner of Project Runway and Fashion Professor at University of Philadelphia.
  • and our annual tours of Philadelphia's Fabric Row and NYC's fashion district  
Our long time student, Lizzy at Miss Crissy's Fashion Show
Miss Eva is in the office Monday-Friday to answer all your questions and help you to register (610)660-9600.  We look forward to working with your kids this summer.  

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