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Kids Craft Class & a Movie at Bryn Mawr Film Institutue this Saturday

Posted by Laura Kelly on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 @ 10:13 PM



One of the greatest things about teaching kids' craft classes is the opportunity we have to partner with great businesses in the area.  This week we are fortunate to work with with The Bryn Mawr Film Institute.  We're kicking off this Halloween month with a movie and craft event on Saturday October 1st. 

This week's movie The Goonies will be playing at 11:00am and after the movie, come out and join us in making prirate masks.  

Here is a description of the movie:

Just as their town is going to be taken over by a country club, Mike and his friends, “The Goonies”, discover an ancient pirate map in the attic. Determined to find the lost treasure of One-Eyed Willie, they face a family of criminals, ancient booby-traps, and sibling rivalry. Starring a young Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Martha Plimpton, and Corey Feldman,The Goonies is an adventure film that’s fun for the whole family.

To learn more about the Bryn Mawr Film Institute Kids Matinees.  We hope to see you there!

Your friends, Miss Julia & Miss Alisha

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The Bridge is Closed but Not Our Handwork & Machine Sewing Classes

Posted by Laura Kelly on Fri, Sep 23, 2011 @ 08:39 AM

bridge closureLike the start of any new season, we at The Handwork Studio are all excited about getting back to a routine with our series of Handwork and Machine Sewing Classes for kids.  

In anticipation of our re-opening on September 20th, we developed a new fresh curriculum, we bought all new fun supplies, we met with our instructors to set the tone for a nurturing, love and fun season.  However what we didn't expect was the road to our studio being shut down just 5 days before classes were to begin.   AHHHH!

So for those of you planning on joining us this fall, WE ARE OPEN!  As are all the other businesses on the hill.  So just drive past the barricade and pull into the parking lot.  

If you live on the south side of the bridge, you can cross the bridge by foot and we are all waiting to hear when the bridge will be re-open.  But don't let it discourage you from joining us for another great session of handcrafting and machine sewing.  Miss Alisha, Miss Julia and Miss Eva would be so sad if you didn't come!

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Mother Nature Teaches Lessons at The Handwork Studio!

Posted by Julia Yosen on Mon, Sep 05, 2011 @ 04:00 PM

Car accidents, earthquakes and hurricanes, OH MY! Needless to say our summer is not wrapping up on a dull note. It all started Monday late afternoon after leaving Sidwell in the middle of rush hour. Another car ended up crossing into our lane causing a minor fender bender in the Handwork Studio mobile. If you haven't heard about DC traffic, saying it is atrocious is an under statement in my book. Everybody was fine except for the front driver side with a slight indentation. studio mobile

As if that were not enough excitement for the week Tuesday, August 28th, left us all a little shaken. Well into our afternoon the room hummed with campers crafting and slowly a tremor built up. At first we thought maybe it was construction but the shaking intensified and continued. After a quick look at Jennelle we called all the children and stood together in the doorway and waited for the shaking to subside. Having 50 pairs of questioning eyes looking at you to let them know everything is OK was an overwhelming experience. the fabulous Handwork Studio staff, Kina, Dania, Sophia, Jenelle, and Amanda handled the situation beautifully. Fortunately, we also had the the help of the Sidwell Summer Staff, Elizabeth and Katelyn. We evacuated the building in an incredibly orderly fashion (now kids know why we tell them to keep their shoes on!). We made our way out to stable grounds and kept all of our campers occupied with games. Some were nervous and concerned but thanks to calmness and organization of our staff the children remained safe and calm too.  

I promise this is not a doom and gloom message, in fact the opposite. For better or worse it sometimes takes a near miss to make you appreciate what you have; Your health, family, job security ;), etc. I would just like to thank the entire Handwork Studio staff for a wonderful Summer and for providing such good care to all the children that came through our camps. Parents entrust us everyday with their most trusted commodity and I would like to point out what a wonderful job everyone has been doing.

Now as I sit here typing this message I am sitting with my family listening to the rain and wind swirl around us while we apprehensively wait to ride out Hurricane Irene. To make the best of this less then ideal weather I am going to try my hands at making an afghan that my grandmother taught me how to do last week when I visited. I would like to wish everyone a much less eventful week :)

Talk to you soon,

Ms. Julia 

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