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3 Unexpected Things Your Child Can Learn At Camp!

Posted by Laura Kelly on Fri, Jan 15, 2016 @ 01:30 PM



Summer camp. If your mind is filled with visions of campfires, spooky stories, and rope climbing, you’re missing out on half the fun of today’s camps! Though the staples of friendships, building independence, and the promise of adventure are still the core of the summer camp, parents today now have the ability to find niché camp offerings that not only provide the traditional camp experience, but also unique classes and programs. Here are three of our favorite classes found at summer camps:

1. Robotics, Engineering, and Technology Courses

With today’s technology-driven world and increasing focus on STEM curricula, it’s no surprise that many of our children will find their passion in robotics, engineering, or technology. Summer camps are offering their campers the ability to dive feet first into the word of robotics and the logic and systems that the engineers of tomorrow are using to build our future.

These courses are perfect for children who are exploring how technology shapes our world and what a career in science, technology, engineering, and math would look like for them.

2. Theatre Performance Classes

Beyond school plays and the local performance theater, your thespian should be enrolling in a summer camp that offers theatre-focused classes. For a budding actress or actor, having the opportunity to refine his or her craft with a group of like-minded friends is invaluable. These summer camp classes provide support, insight, and direction for a camper who seeks to turn creative expression into a career. Or for the campers who simply have a flair for dramatic arts, it’s a positive outlet to channel that creativity.

3. Fashion Art & Handwork Classes

You had to expect that one of our favorite class offerings would be handwork! Yes, handwork. Much like the concept of summer camps, if you’re envisioning a row of silent children knitting scarfs then you’re missing out! Our classes offer campers an insight into the creative and ever-evolving world of fashion art and needle arts. Our fashion camp, for instance, is a favorite of the young fashion designer who dreams of designing and creating their own clothing line. We offer the creative camper a new medium to express themselves. Whether it’s quilting, weaving, hand or machine sewing, or knitting, we’re passionate about bringing a beautiful art form to our campers.

Searching for that perfect summer camp for your children and interested in finding a camp that offers our unique handworking classes? Visit our locations page and search for a camp near you!

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