Creativity Has Never Been More Fun

Delight in creativity! Unleash your inner artist with crafty summer programs.

Imagination Can't Be Boxed

From embroidering a cuddly puppy to hand stitching a circuit to fashioning a one-of-a-kind light-up wearable all the way to hammering away to make a handy wooden toolbox, our weekly camps are here to inspire your imagination across a broad spectrum of mediums.

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We Meet Kids Where They Are

Wherever your kids are on their creative journey, we happily meet them to instill confidence and inspire a love of hands-on learning. If it’s their first time at camp or an annual summer tradition, we keep kids engaged, growing and learning.

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Programs in Art Studio

Inside the Art Studio you’ll find following programs: Fiber Arts, Sew Tech, Spa Crafts, Creativity Time, Published Authors and Woodworking.

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Handwork Helps...Here's How

Our shy girl is having the best time at camp after day 2 - that’s saying something!!! Parent of Woodworking Camper

Our child is loving it and can't wait to go back each day. They haven’t done a camp in 4 years because of her anxiety - they are absolutely loving it and all the projects and freedom to create. Parent of Sew Tech Camper

She loves these shorter projects and the confidence boost she gets when they're done. I also really like that the instructors allowed her to name something she'd like to create (e.g., a frog hoodie) and now she's working on making it. She's super excited about that. Parent of Machine Sewing Camper

Our son is advanced compared to her fellow campers in this group. His instructor is supportive and flexible, encouraging him to pursue his ideas and more advanced projects. Parent of Woodworking Camper

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