Welcome to The Handwork Studio Summer Camp

Welcome to The Handwork Studio Summer Camp, where days are a scene of endless discovery and artistry lives in motion. Summer is way too short to be stuck inside for a whole buncha of screen time. Bring your camper to a place where adventure and spirits soar in a world of imagination, as they learn lifelong skills through hands-on making. The Handwork Studio has been a portal to discovery since 2001 for campers interested in  designing their way to their next level of creative confidence–like a maestro building their crescendo. 

In addition to learning, friendship, and fun, your child will experience massive personal growth, master creative problem-solving skills and build self-confidence by embracing the emotional journey that comes with learning a new skill. That’s right, socio-emotional literacy in a safe and nurturing environment means your camper is seen for exactly who they are, while learning skills that will last a lifetime. Watch how your camper goes to new heights as they discover a new-found sense of empowerment and a deeper understanding of their creative potential. 

We look forward to getting to know your creative kid as they make with their own hands and get to know the joy of making for themselves and the people they love.

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Join a community of makers from all backgrounds and skill levels. No matter your age, gender, culture, ability and experience, you'll find your place here. Kindness is not just a "nice" thing we do – it's an active practice that we honor in our camp community.

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A Whirlwind of Tinkering, Making & Doing

Your camper will learn how to bring their ideas and passions into the real world with one-of-a-kind programs that combine problem solving, critical thinking, and hands-on experiences. Build a future of extraordinary leaders (and really great kids)!

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Soak Up Every Last Drop of Fun

We're the best of both worlds: A place to learn that’s also a summer camp. Because learning should be fun. That’s why we partner with the best independent schools and colleges in the country and their historic buildings, rolling greens and acres of woodlands that set the stage for themed days, socialization and playing outside.

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Master the Art of Confidence

We want to hear you ROAR! Together we’ll master the art of confidence by embracing the 5C’s of creating: getting out of our Comfort zone, Committing to our vision, having the Courage to execute, realizing we have the Capability to achieve it, and then walking away with a spark of Confidence. Learn more about how we...

Go From Ahh to A’ha!

Handwork Helps...Here's How

Our shy girl is having the best time at camp after day 2 - that’s saying something!!! Parent of Woodworking Camper

Our child is loving it and can't wait to go back each day. They haven’t done a camp in 4 years because of her anxiety - they are absolutely loving it and all the projects and freedom to create. Parent of Sew Tech Camper

She loves these shorter projects and the confidence boost she gets when they're done. I also really like that the instructors allowed her to name something she'd like to create (e.g., a frog hoodie) and now she's working on making it. She's super excited about that. Parent of Machine Sewing Camper

Our son is advanced compared to her fellow campers in this group. His instructor is supportive and flexible, encouraging him to pursue his ideas and more advanced projects. Parent of Woodworking Camper

Ready for a taste of hands-on learning?

Download The Handwork Activity Guide with five challenges with step by step video instruction that your child can do with household items. See what the fun is about!

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Handwork Happenings Blog

This is the ultimate resource for parents and educators who want to apply more hands-on learning in their homes and classrooms. Bring out the laughs, engagement and fun! You’ll be lighting up their eyes in no time as they learn while having a blast.

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