Troop Visits

Troop Visits

We are pleased to offer badge workshops or projects to local area Girl Scout, Boy Scout and Brownie troops. The Handwork Studio can comfortably hold up to 20 kids. If your troop is larger, just let us know when scheduling so we can make proper arrangements. Please call 610.660.9600 to schedule your event!

Each workshop lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. Additional time may be needed when completing a badge. Final 15 minutes of scheduled time may be used to sew on earned badges.

Our Troop Program:

Handwork Studio Fun Patch: Choose your project and earn The Handwork Studio's Fun Patch in a positive, fun environment. Appropriate for all Scout ages. We typically offer small hand-sewn stuffed animals for ages 5-9, and embellished clothing, machine sewn tote bags, embroidered or appliqued pillows, and stuffed animals for ages 8-12. We welcome ideas from Scouts and troop leaders as well! $20/scout for 1.5 hours and $30/scout for 2 hours and a $50 deposit is required at time of booking.

Just for Fun Projects:

* Coin Purse or Pouch (K and up) 1 hour
* Make Hand Sewn Pocket Pals (K and up) 1 hour
* Finger Knitting and Bead Making (Grade 2 and up) 1 hour
** Intro to Knitting Lesson (90min lesson for Grade 4 and up)
* Hand Sewn Head Bands (Grade 2 and up) 1 hour
* Needle-felted and Machine Sewn Tote Bags (Grades K and up) - 2 hours
* Felt Birds (K and up) - 1 hour
* Machine Sewn Pillow Cases (Grade 3 and up)-1.5 hours
** Machine Sewn Pajama Pants (approximately 2 hour lesson Grade 4 and up)

* Customize your own project

** Pricing differs please call to inquire